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International education programs develop critical thinking skills, expand world views, and create opportunities to collaborate beyond national boundaries and local constraints.

Global Education Solutions LLC is a specialized consulting group for institutions, organizations, and governments worldwide envisioning educational initiatives crossing cultural or political boundaries.

We provide:

  • Program design and implementation
  • Specialized training and workshops
  • Best practice solutions
  • Research and analysis

Carl A. Herrin is the co-founder and Senior Partner.  He has 30-plus years of national and international experience with leading organizations and institutions in international education, development, and exchange.  Carl's partner when the firm was started was John Deupree.  John left the leadership of Global Education Solutions LLC in 2010.  




The globe recently moved to the center of the campus at Westfield State College is a symbol of the comprehensive internationalization initiative directed by Global Education Solutions

John and Carl have accomplished in a few months what many of us have been envisioning for years. The faculty rave about them. They are not only knowledgeable and effective-they are highly entertaining in the process.

Dr. Elizabeth Preston
Dean of Faculty
Westfield State College